Get Involved

Special Olympics is not about them. It is about all of us.

That is really the point of this website. It takes all of us athletes, volunteers, families, sponsors, coaches, the general public, who are willing to open our minds and hearts and accept people with intellectual disabilities, to make up our Special Olympics Rwanda community.

We hope this site will be your on line home for everything Special Olympics Florida: a place to learn, exchange ideas and be inspired by the accomplishments of our program. And we encourage you to find your place in this great family and share it with others.

Special Olympics is a worldwide movement where one can act locally, but make a global impact. With over 108,000 competitions around the world each year, with training taking place every day, with family leaders, athlete leaders and volunteers extending our message every day, Special Olympics is no longer just an event. We are a movement, inviting the world not just to attend Games but to think, feel, and act differently about everything to come help create a world of acceptance and inclusion for all.